• Prescot Wall art Poctcards to Help Local Cause.

    card1Buy a Postcard and help this very worthy cause.

    Poco Coffee is proud to announce that we are now selling postcards of the stunning new Elizabethan Theatre Wallart. On Sale at 30p in the Poco Cafe, we are donating 10p from every sale to the Friends of Prescot Cemetery and Churchyard.





    We have been touched by the dedication of this group of volunteers who brave the elements in their efforts for the restoration of the Cemetery and Churchyard. The group of around 12 have been together since last year. Viv Frodsham who is one of the volunteers said “We have uncovered graves which have been covered in soil, weeds, twigs and debris and haven’t seen daylight for a long time. Most of these graves are very old, but amazingly, the epitaphs tell their history.

    One was of the man who built the steeple, and it tells of how it was struck by lightning and had to be rebuilt. Others are of clock and watchmakers. One was of Mr Leyland, after whom Leyland Street was named. Some are of people who established the wire works which later became BICC. `They also discovered a grave of a war hero whom the CGWC had failed to find, and we are hoping to try and get a fitting headstone for him, as one had been put in which said – “buried elsewhere in this churchyard”.


    The group have been extremely busy recently, planting around 11,000 spring bulbs in the cemetery. On 12th October at 2pm they will be holding a dedication ceremony in the cemetery and opening a memorial garden which will be dedicated to all the stillborns, newborns and children who are buried in unmarked graves.

    The photos show the postcards on Sale at Poco with Viv and members of the Group displaying the photos outside the Cafe and the group in action at the Cemetery.