richoutsidepoco-aboutRichard and Angela Sutton founded Poco Coffee in 2012. We are both passionate about coffee and how coffee shops and the café culture have redefined social boundaries, attracting customers from the full spectrum of society. Poco (Spanish for small) aims to be a Quality alternative to some of the bigger brand high street Coffee/Café operators. We are looking to operate in locations where we can establish our brand at the heart of the community and build strong relationships with our shop customers and the wider community through active engagement and support for local causes.

We offer a traditional barista style Cafe experience. A full range of Coffees, iced and speciality teas, hot chocolate, smoothies and Frappes. Food includes, Freshly made sandwiches, Panini’s and Toasties, baked potatoes, soups and Stews, Plus a wide selection of both continental style pastries and traditional cakes.

We now serve a Full English Breakfast all day.

We use music and big visual impact via wall decoration to both relax and inspire our customers. We are offering an experience as much as a Latte. We are selling a mood change as much as a cappuccino. In relaxing comfortable surroundings we offer the half hour in your life that gives you the time to realise that life is good.

Some of our keys to success are:

The relationship built up with Knowsley council throughout the pre opening process where the assistance received gave us the confidence that Prescot was the right area to invest and that attitudes to enticing business into the area were more proactive than we had previously encountered.

The re-shaping of the shop premises. We could see that it was a building of local significance from a heritage and cultural perspective and we wanted to mould our brand around the existing features to preserve and enhance its standing within the Town.

Promoting the links with Shakespeare and showcasing the history of the shop via our Wall art images certainly gave us a lot of satisfaction and pride.

Working with Knowsley works and Job Centre we put together a team of local staff. We have worked with these groups successfully, taking on 3 apprentices from Long-term unemployment situations and we now have a hard working, reliable and friendly team of staff. Playing a small part in helping the local employment situation in this way has given us great satisfaction.

With the training programmes that have been put in place for them with the help of the apprenticeship providers we believe we are improving their prospects for future employability.